Friday, December 27, 2013

February's Book of the Month Poll Is Now Up! And Updates on Giveaways!

January's book of the Month will be Acheron by Sherrilyn Kenyon...  and I thought I would post Feb's now so that we have plenty of time to vote..

Click at the top or Click HERE to get to the poll and vote.. If you vote other please post in the comments what book you would like to add to the poll and I will add it.

Don't forget we have two giveaways going on .. Grand Opening Giveaway, $100 Amazon GC or $100 worth of books at TBD.. Click HERE to enter.. you have until Feb 3rd..

And we have a My Favorite's Giveaway , 2 books off my favorite's list or a $20 Amazon GC. But if we hit 350 likes on our Facebook Page  , I will add a second prize winner, of 1 book or $10 Amazon GC. And if we hit 500 I will add a third prize winner of a $5 Amazon GC.  So Share Away to all your friends, family , Twitter anywhere you can... Click HERE to enter that one.. You have until Jan 3rd for this giveaway.

Plus to thank all of you wonderful followers, I am having a Flash Giveaway on our Facebook page. I already gave one away today and I am doing another.. $5 Amazon GC. Click HERE to like, comment and share..

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