Friday, February 14, 2014

Review: Kiss of a Wolf by Leah D.W.

Book Description

February 10, 2014
My sister is dying.
I am falling for her boyfriend.
And I have just been bitten by a werewolf.
The world of paranormal creatures found its way to my window the night I went out to the forbidden woods outside of town in search of a witch. Witches have magic and that meant getting a cure for my sister before the illness in her system took her from me.
Instead I found something that threatened my own life and my eyes were opened to what was really hiding in the woods.
Something with teeth.
And it was out for blood.

This was a short and to the point novella. What surprised me the most was how quickly the emotions I felt when I started to read this book, and most of you know I am big about connecting and feeling for the characters. 

Vivian or Vee, as she is called by her family, is  a young girl desperate to help her dying sister and when I say she is willing to do anything I mean anything to save her.  At first,  the stubbornness Vee has is almost overwhelming, then I have to remind myself she is a young girl desperate to do anything for the sister she loves.

The anger I felt for some characters was immediate and the ending well...... oh to end it like that.. I need more . I need to know what happens and I hope for a longer story. I enjoy novellas, but I always end up craving more, if the story was written right. And this one was. It was such a fast paced story but not so much I that I got confused.  Would I read more by this author? Absolutely.. Do I want more of Vee, Jessie , Kimber and the pack ? Definitely.. 

So if you are looking for a short bite.. pun intended this book is for you. I think you will enjoy it.

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